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$120/month for Unlimited Yoga - Check out the monthly auto debit program!29-Sep-2010

Yoga Stimuluss Package! Less money and more yoga! That's Hot! Get six months of unlimited yoga f..

New Student Intro. Week Special14-Apr-2010

The "Intro. Week Special" is a one time offer available to local (DC, MD,VA) students on their f..

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In order to be effective, yoga must be practiced daily or on a regular basis with no long lapses of time between lessons. A minimum commitment of 10 lessons in 30 days is required if the student is to derive maximum benefit from this yoga program.

Please understand that you must arrive early enough to be in the room once class begins. If you arrive late, for your own well being, and in consideration of the rest of the class, you will not be allowed to enter class later.

For all schedule changes, including HOLIDAY SCHEDULES and weather related changes, see our schedule announcements on the right.

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Schedule Up-dated as of April 1, 2013.

New Students

Please download and complete the waiver below before you come to your first class.

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