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Regularly Scheduled Classes, Monday, March 17th17-Mar-2014

Monday, March 17th, Regularly Scheduled Classes, 10am, 6pm, 8pm. See you soon...

We are OPEN for 6pm class tonight. No 8pm class.03-Mar-2014

We are OPEN for 6pm class tonight. No 8pm class...

We Are OPEN - Regularly Scheduled Classes - Jan. 22nd!22-Jan-2014

We Are OPEN - Regularly Scheduled Classes - Jan. 22nd!..

Tuesday, Jan. 21st - 6PM and 8PM classes CANCELLED.21-Jan-2014

Tuesday, Jan. 21st., 6pm and 8pm classes CANCELLED...


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We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and that we see you in the studio soon. A regular Bikram Hot Yoga practice will change your life forever, resulting in the restoration of health to all systems of your body. You will increase your strength, balance and flexibility, be energized, revitalize your mind, and you will eliminate the symptoms of stress produced by a fast paced lifestyle.

This yoga is experiential, and once you experience it for yourself you will understand why people are so excited about it and why the people that care about you keep trying to get you to take class! There is no need to make a reservation or an appointment, just arrive 20 minutes early to your first class. Ninety percent of all our students have never practiced yoga before taking their first class with us. Almost every class has brand new, first time students, so you will feel right at home. So best thing to do is come on in and let today be the day you take your first class. You’ll be so glad you finally got started (and so will the people who care about you)!

Check out this video for an introduction to Bikram Yoga:

Bikram Yoga Takoma Park
7324 Carroll Ave.
Takoma Park, Maryland  20912